Ox Liver Chunks

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Liver is an extremely nutrient dense and is packed with B vitamins, iron, vitamin A, phosphorus and magnesium. These chunky pieces of liver are a perfect natural healthy treat for your working dog or can be added to a home made raw meal. Approximately 5% of the meal can be made up of liver. It is best to add liver slowly to your dogs diet, as it is very rich and may cause digestive upset.

  • Very high in B12 vitamins which aids in the red blood cell formation and is needed for the nervous system function. It also support metabolism and brain health.
  • Liver is one of natures most concentrated sources for vitamin A which is essential for eye health, skin health, thyroind health and the immune system
  • Very high in iron and contains folate, iron and vitamin B12 which a dog needs to overcome anemia naturally.
  • Raw liver also provides CoQ10 which is associated with vascular health and reduced inflammation.

Available in 1kg bags. Must be purchased with other frozen meat products to help keep product frozen during delivery.

1kg bag


  • 100% Ox liver
  • High in protein
  • Chewing action promotes good dental hygiene

Feeding Suggestion

This is a complementary product for working dogs, designed to be fed as part of a healthy balanced diet.  It can be added to a home prepared raw meal, or given as a natural healthy treat. We recommend approximately 5% of the diet contains liver.

Feed your adult working dog between 2 & 3% of it’s ideal body weight to keep your dog in a healthy condition.

We advise that all treats are given under supervision and that your dog has access to fresh, clean water.

Feeding guide
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Frozen From Fresh

Albion raw meat products are frozen from fresh to maintain quality and flavour.

Thaw before feeding

Thaw before feeding in a sealed container. Once thawed keep in a refrigerator and use within 24 hours of opening.

Handling raw meat

Always clean bowl and work surfaces after use. Wash hands thoroughly after handling raw meat.


Beef liver

Analytical Constituents Per 100g:

Crude fat
Crude fibre

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