Benefits of raw feeding

When heat is used to process dog foods, it reduces natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes substantially. Some manufacturers add grains, cereals and fillers as well as lots of artificial colouring, additives and preservatives.

This makes it highly inappropriate for dogs. Feeding this kind of food can, over time, cause allergies and intolerances and other health conditions.

Albion Pet Foods raw product packaging

Raw food is not processed in the same way, no heat is used, so it retains the natural nutrition that carnivores need for a healthy, happy life.

Raw food:

  • Strengthens teeth and helps eliminate tartar, improve breath.
  • Alleviates skin conditions associated with allergies.
  • Reduces stool volume and odour significantly.
  • Makes it easier to maintain a healthy weight and a leaner, fitter body.
  • Natural vitamins and minerals help to maintain a healthy skin and coat, immune system and joints.
Albion Pet Foods raw product packaging