At Albion Pet Foods, we have been looking after the nutritional requirements of breeders for many years.

We have developed a puppy range, which has been specially formulated to ensure puppies receive all the nutrition requirements needed for a great start in life.

To qualify for our breeder’s scheme discounts, you would need to be a either a Kennel Club registered member or a member of a breed specific club.

Once qualified, you would receive discounts across all our products.

Please note that coupons and promotional codes will not work if you are assigned to any discounted group.

How to sign up

To apply for a breeders discount, you will need to fill out our breeder registration form and we’ll review your application.

Once we’ve approved your application you’ll be able to login to your account to access exclusive discounts.

Alternatively, if you would like advice on raw feeding or to have a chat about our products, please contact us on 01789 641733 or