Top 5 Benefits of Feeding Raw Marrow Bones To Your Dogs

Why Should You Feed Your Dogs Raw Bones?

When it comes to our dog’s we know that they deserve the best, most dogs have gnawed on a bone at some point in time. Your dog’s safety is quite likely every dog owner’s primary concern as not every bone is a safe bone for your dog.

If you are ready to enrich your dog’s life and health by feeding them bones, there are a lot of great reasons to switch to raw bones. Everyone has heard the myth that dogs are unable to digest bones, and that’s just what that is…a myth.

Dogs can digest bones, but only certain types of bones. These are edible raw bones, from shanks to knuckles, edible bones are rich in nutrients. Raw bones are great for dogs on a raw food diet, but they are a beneficial addition for any diet. Here are our top 5 benefits of feeding raw marrow bones to your dogs:

Top 5 Benefits of Feeding Raw Marrow Bones To Your Dogs

  1. Dental Health – Raw Bones can help keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy. For dogs, chewing is an important part of their dental care. A consistent dental routine can keep your pets healthy and save you a lot of money on vet bills. There are bacteria-fighting enzymes in raw meat. Raw marrow bones contain these live enzymes. Dogs can also chew on the connective tissues; the action of removing cartilage and marrow can also get rid of the built up plaque. The enzymes also help in the process of breaking down dangerous bacteria that can be found in their gums. The motion of chewing massages the gums acting a lot like your own toothbrush.

  2. Calcium – Calcium is a vital part of any dog diet. Every dog needs different amounts of calcium so it’s vital to ensure your pet gets what they need. Dogs need calcium to be able to contract their muscles, improve their overall heart function and aid in good vision. Calcium is also needed to maintain bone density and for their blood to clot properly. As your dog chews on a raw bone their bodies are able to absorb the calcium directly from the bone to aid in their own bone and joint health.

  3. Nutritionally beneficial – Raw marrow bones provide naturally occurring minerals that will help keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy. The marrow and cartilage found in raw bones are a great source of collagen, an important compound for healthy skin.

  4. Pet Enrichment – Chewing tops the list of a dog’s favorite activity, giving them something to chew on keeps them mentally and physically busy and out of trouble. Chewing is part of their natural instinct; allowing them to chew on a real bone provides the natural stimulation your dog needs that they cannot get from their factory-made toys.

  5. Gut Health – Both the enzymes and natural minerals that come with raw bones can also help to cleanse your dog’s digestive tract. The process of digesting a raw bone gently scrubs the intestines, effectively clearing out their insides. The minerals will make their stools firmer and the movement will encourage regular bathroom breaks that will stimulate their anal glands.