Complete Adult Beef

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Albion Complete Beef is a balanced, nutritious meal made from human grade quality ingredients and supplemented with vitamins and minerals to ensure your working dog is being fed an appropriate diet to live an active and healthy life. Containing Beef, Beef Heart, Beef Liver, Butternut Squash, Red Cabbage and Green Beans, finely minced to produce a delicious meal.

  • Nutrient dense protein, which is the building block for tissues, muscles, and enzymes, essential for growth and repair, helps maintain a strong immune system
  • Beef offal is rich in iron, vitamin A, B and D, folic acid, phosphorus, essential fatty acids, zinc, and copper. These nutrients protect and support the dog’s digestion, immune system, reproductive organs, as well as bone, joint, nerve and mental health
  • Beef contains a substantial amount of L-carnitine, which positively impacts the performance and recovery of dogs after exercise
  • Vegetables incorporate additional vitamins and antioxidants into the diet
  • 12 x 454g which are easy to pack in the freezer.



  • British Beef
  • Contains Beef Heart & Beef Liver
  • Contains Vegetables
  • Dicalcium phosphate
  • Bone free

Feeding Suggestion

This is a complete balanced meal. Feed your adult working dog between 2 & 3% of it’s ideal body weight to maintain a healthy condition.

Feeding guide
  • Albion icon Nutritious meal made from human grade quality ingredients.
  • Albion icon Supplemented with vitamins and minerals

Frozen From Fresh

Albion raw meat products are frozen from fresh to maintain quality and flavour.

Thaw before feeding

Thaw before feeding in a sealed container. Once thawed keep in a refrigerator and use within 24 hours of opening.

Handling raw meat

Always clean bowl and work surfaces after use. Wash hands thoroughly after handling raw meat.


Beef heart
Beef liver
Butternut squash
Red cabbage
Green beans
Dicalcium phosphate

Analytical Constituents Per 100g:

Crude fat
Crude ash
Crude fibre

We only use the finest meats, vegetables and fruits in our farm-to-bowl ranges