What is Raw Working Dog Food

What is Raw Dog Food

You have probably heard the term ‘raw dog food’ being thrown around, and you are starting to wonder what it means. After all, your neighbours talk about how much their dog loves raw food, and people down the puppy club can debate if raw food is good for their pups the whole night long! Now you are in the middle, wondering if raw dog is right for your canine pal too.

Well, here at Albion Meat Products, we are a raw dog food UK manufacturer that believes in giving working dogs  what they deserve. We know, above all else, how to make high quality, natural raw dog food, and we have all the information you need to know about a raw diet right here.

So, raw dog food is simply that: raw and unprocessed food that is close to what evolving dogs/wolves would have consumed when they were first domesticated. Raw food products, such as our Complete Puppy Food range, are modelled on what their wild ancestors would have consumed when catching prey.

Packed with meat offal, vegetables, vitamins and minerals, food like our Complete Puppy Chicken can give a young or adolescent dog everything they need to grow up healthy and strong, just like young in the wild would. Raw food is also frozen to maintain freshness.

Why Should Dogs Have a Raw Diet?

Dogs often thrive on a raw diet, more than they would on a canned or dry food combination diet, as it is a natural food product that contains plenty of the natural ingredients they used to seek out during their time as wild predators.

For example, a natural raw dog food product, like our Complete Adult Turkey product, contains naturally sourced meats and vegetables that would be typically found across grassland and woodland. Using only meat suitable for human consumption, your dog will get the entire nutrient profile.

How Do I Start Feeding Raw Food to my Dog?

Feeding your dog raw food should not be difficult, even if they are picky eaters. Dogs naturally love to eat raw foods thanks to their carnivorous past, and any raw food you lay down will both look and smell delicious!

Be sure to gradually add raw food to your dog’s regular diet, to ensure you do not upset their stomach or give them cause to avoid this new food in the hopes of getting their old food back.

Try to use just one source of protein at a time and then add more variation later.

Most frozen raw dog food should be thawed correctly in the refrigerator and used within 24 hours of thawing. Do not re freeze once thawed and store in a sealed container in the bottom of your fridge.