The Benefits Of Raw Dog Food

The Benefits Of Raw Dog Food

If you are considering making changes to your dog’s diet to provide them with a BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding) diet, you may want to know more about why this is the best option for your pet.

At Albion, we pride ourselves on our products providing a natural alternative to commercial dog food choices. Our dog food is tailored to provide naturally beneficial and nutritional meals for your dog, as raw, unprocessed ingredients are the basis for all our meat products.

Why change to a BARF diet?

A BARF diet provides our pets with the most natural diet possible, that emulates the diet that our dogs would have if they lived like wild animals. The natural nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes that a dog would naturally have in their diet if they lived in the wild are often lost or removed from processed dog foods. This is because the heat used to prepare more commercial products removes the vital nutrients, and often replaces these with added sugars, artificial colouring, additives and preservatives through the preparation process. Grains, cereals and other fillers are also often added, which means that the finished product’s meat content is not as high as you may initially think.

Is it safe?

People may be concerned with offering their dogs a consistent diet of raw food. However, due to the levels of hydrochloric acid in dog’s stomachs, and a lower pH, dogs are in fact able to digest raw foods and even bones far better than humans.

Multiple Benefits

Dogs are easily able to break down bones and raw meat, which benefits not only their diet but also their dental hygiene. Our meat will tackle any tartar build up, as well as help to exercise your dog’s jaw, making their teeth stronger and breath healthier. A BARF diet will also bring an end to any food allergies and itchy skin conditions caused by commercial meat products. Your dog will have a natural diet that will, in turn, see your dog become fitter, leaner and healthier, with a better immune system, as you will have removed any unnatural and potentially harmful ingredients from their diet that may be causing unnecessary weight gain. You don’t need to worry about the transition to a BARF diet either, as you can easily implement raw products into your dog’s diet slowly so that their digestive systems become accustomed to the change.

What products are available?

There are various products available to get you started on implementing a BARF diet for your working or assistance dog. You may want to look into specific raw meat products such as raw shanks and knuckles, or for convenience, you may want to opt for options that you can freeze and store for future use. You can find products tailored to getting those all-important jaw muscles working, as well as options for puppies if necessary. People may be led to believe there are fewer options on the market in terms or a raw dog food diet, but in fact, there are many developed products available, meaning you can offer your working dog a true variety of healthy, nutritious, and enjoyable options every meal time