The Benefits of Raw Dog Food in the UK

The Benefits of Raw Dog Food in the UK

When it comes to taking good care of your dog, the diet you feed them is top priority. You can give them plenty of love and exercise, but the basis of these positive interactions is the way you provide sustenance. After all, all dogs love their food, and we believe their food should love them back, which is why we’re a raw dog food UK shop.

We’ve got plenty of raw dog food at Albion. We believe that feeding raw dog food, free of artificial colouring, fillers, preservatives, additives, and grains or cereals, is much healthier for canines. It’s much closer to their natural diet, and the benefits of such a diet are numerous.

More Energy

A complete raw dog food diet will give your dog a lot more energy to work with. Raw food has nothing added to it, so your dog will feel lighter and more energetic overall. Why? Products such as our Standard Lamb and Standard Beef packs contain pure, unprocessed, frozen meat. That simply means your dog won’t use up so much energy having to filter out the processed, useless parts of their meal.

Shiny, Soft Coats

Raw dog foods contain plenty of protein, and that’s what a dog needs most to ensure their coat is healthy. This is usually marked by fur being soft to the touch and shiny to look at, and without sufficient protein to live off of, your dog’s fur can turn brittle and dry. Thankfully, our Premium Meaty Feast product is great for dogs who need more vitamins packed into their meals.

Overall, the nutrient level of a dog’s diet is very much reflected in their coats, so for softer and shinier fur, try one of our Premium Range feeds, which contains 80% meat offal with healthy vegetables making up the further 20%. That means they’re packed with natural protein!

Less Doggy Waste

One of the main benefits of raw dog food, when it comes to you as your dog’s owner, is that raw food can lead to your canine companion passing smaller, more intact stools. If your dog often has messy waste to clean up after, feeding your pet raw dog food could help to stabilise their bowel movements for such situations. This can be particularly difficult to deal with when you’re out on a walk!

However, raw dog food is beneficial on these terms for your dog as well. They’ll also have less trouble passing their stools, which can be a difficulty for smaller dog breeds, and they’ll experience far less stomach and digestive pain after eating.

Getting Healthy Food for your pet at a Raw Dog Food UK Shop

A raw diet has many benefits, and it could be perfect for your dog. Try any of the products mentioned above to see just how much they can balance your dog’s wellbeing!