Raw Feeding Your New Puppy

Raw Feeding Your New Puppy

One of the first questions asked is when to start feeding your puppy raw food and how much to feed? Well, hopefully your new puppy will have been weaned onto a raw diet which will save the transition period, however if not, this is what we recommend at Albion.

To ensure no upset stomachs, we advise that the transition period to raw feeding takes place over a 7–10 day period, taking out 10% of the original food and replacing it with the new raw diet. We do recommend however that you do not mix any kibble with the raw meals, both foods should be fed independently since they are digested at vastly different rates.

Once the transition to raw feeding period has finished a puppy should be on 8/10% of their body weight for the first 4 months, spread across 3 to 4 meals per day using one of our specific Puppy Complete products in Beef or Chicken. These have been formulated to give your puppy everything they need nutritionally and to help continue the steady growth required. It is also recommended that they have access to fresh, clean water always. If you wish to give milk, DO NOT USE COWS MILK it is preferable to use GOATS milk as this is closer to a bitch’s own milk.

From 4 months onwards you can drop the midday feed and possibly give a Chicken Neck or Chicken Wing in its place and drop the percentage down to 6/7% of your puppy’s actual weight divided between the 3 raw meals. For each month thereafter you can drop the daily amount by 1% aiming to achieve an intake of around 3/4% of the actual body weight per day by the time they are 12 months of age. Also, by this stage they should be down to 2 raw meals per day.

Please note that this is to be used as a guide only and factors such as what type of breed needs to be considered, as smaller breeds may reach maturity sooner than larger or giant breeds and the amount of exercise they have, which in turn may require a certain amount of adjustment to their daily intake of raw food.

A raw food calculator is available at here for further information.

We have tried to make getting your portions right easier than ever. Simply select your dog’s age, enter your dog’s weight and our raw dog food calculator will tell you how much of our raw dog food to feed.