Raw Feeding Made Easy The Natural Way

Raw Feeding Made Easy The Natural Way

There are many ideas surrounding raw feeding, there are those that prefer to feed single proteins and add in their own vegetables and others that prefer to use a Complete raw dog food.

Complete Raw Working Dog Food

After many years of listening to our customers, Albion have produced a range of “Completes” that simply require defrosting and feeding.

These are available in two Puppy versions in Beef and Chicken and three Adult versions to include Chicken, Beef and Turkey. These are all supplied as 454-gram blocks.

This range has been formulated to ensure that your dog has all the required nutrients he or she requires to give them the energy required to live an active and healthy life.

The two Puppy products are suitable to be used right from 4 to 6 weeks of age and contain all the elements a puppy requires with which to build the foundation for their adult life.

Being a natural dog food as is possible to get, you don’t need to add anything else to the diet although some do like to add in a plain wholemeal biscuit just to give some added crunch. There are also various additional products within the range such as Chicken Wings, Turkey, Duck and Chicken Necks as an addition to your dog’s diet, but should only be given from around 8-12 weeks of age dependent on the breed of dog being raised.

The Adult ranges compliment the Puppy range with the bonus of a Turkey option for those owners whose dogs may have a predisposition to Chicken. These Adult options are also formulated to ensure they give your dog the very best diet throughout their adult life.

All these products come in blocks of 454 grams, making them easy to store in your freezer and even easier to defrost in a sealed container in your refrigerator.

Marrow Bones For Dogs

Some owners also like to feed marrow bones, these are great for a treat and help with stimulating the enzymes in your dogs’ mouth which help to keep the teeth clean and gums healthy. We always recommend that your dog should not be left unattended whilst eating a bone and should be fed raw and never cooked. We also recommend that after 24 hours any bone left should be removed and disposed of to save any bacteria build up.

Meat Only Raw Dog Food

We also have a range of single proteins available which are available in either the 454 grams blocks or in a 2-kilo bag. For those that only require smaller amounts per day, the Freeflow range supplied in the 2 kilo bags is the best option as this allows you to decant the exact amount required per day which can be very useful if you have one or two small dogs to cater for. This is especially useful as this enables you to cut down the amount of wastage. This range is available in five different meat varieties, Tripe, Chicken, Chicken & Tripe, Beef and Lamb with the Chicken, Chicken & Tripe and Lamb also containing ground bone.

We have put together a guide as to what foods to include in her diet during the gestation period and after the birth that can help your dog have a full and healthy litter.