Raw Dog Food And Worms

Raw Dog Food And Worms

One of the most common concerns pet owners have about feeding their pet a raw diet is exposing them to potential harmful worms and parasites. Since both are found in raw meat, it is understandable to be worried about your pets becoming infected.

However, incidence of parasites or worms in meat is relatively low, especially since you will be providing your pet with a raw diet of meat that is fit for human consumption. This grade of meat has been properly inspected for both worms and parasites and does not contain animal GI parts.

There are some rare incidences of parasites and worms transferring from the GI tract to the muscle meat, as well as a rare parasite found in raw salmon, trout, steelhead, and other salmonids. Worms are more commonly found in carbohydrate laden food, such as the typical commercial kibble. To avoid exposing your pet to these parasites, there are precautions you can take, which are outlined below, to eliminate their presence in the meat or fish.

You can prevent worm and parasite exposure by:

  • Buying your raw pet diet from a reliable source. Make sure it is human grade quality.
  • Ensure that the meat has been frozen continuously since production.
  • Not feeding your pet infected animal parts, such as sheep placentas or animal guts (intestines).
  • By using meat that has been correctly manufactured and stored before feeding as this will kill off any possible parasites. In the case of our products these will have been frozen at the time of production for at least 3 days prior to despatch to our customers. For wild game, you may want to freeze the meat for up to a month.
  • Exercise caution when handling raw meat, and do not leave it sitting in your pet’s bowl for too long a period especially during periods of warm weather when there is a higher possibility of flies being in contact with the meat.

Your pet’s digestive tract is better able to deal with any exposure to a parasite or worm than your digestive tract. In fact, parasites and worms do not typically like a healthy host, so if your pet has a healthy immune system, you do not need to worry about them. If you are concerned that they might have worms or a parasite, you can take a stool sample to your vet or have them take a blood sample. This will determine if your pet needs medicine or holistic de-worming.

Albion Raw Dog Food And Worms

We only use the highest quality human grade meat* fruit and vegetables in our Albion Complete ranges and which are frozen from fresh to maintain quality and flavour.

All ranges should be kept frozen until use and thawed before feeding in a sealed container. Once thawed keep in a refrigerator and use within 24 hours of opening.