Is It Safe To Feed Dogs Raw Bones?

Is It Safe To Feed Dogs Raw Bones?

A very common question we are asked; is it safe to feed dogs raw bones? We only recommend feeding bones if fed raw. Cooked bones are low in moisture and can easily split or cause choking. Raw bones are rich in natural moisture, softer, more flexible and easily digested in the low pH of a dog stomach.

Simply give one to your dog on a regular basis for them to gnaw at and improve tooth, mouth and gum health. Bones and chews also provide your dog with an outlet for natural species-appropriate behaviour and chewing releases calming endorphins.

Some bones may last longer than others and some may be too hard for young dogs or older dogs with weaker teeth. In this instant, it may be advisable to offer something like Chicken wings or necks.

Please choose the most appropriate bone or chew for your dogs size and age. Choose a bone about as big as the dog’s head – too big to swallow but small enough to handle. Always supervise your dog with a bone a bone and do not leave the bone lying around for longer than 24 hours especially in hot weather.

As bones are classed as a high value product it is always recommended to feed each dog separately in a multiple dog household.