Chance Agility Sponsorship

Chance Agility Sponsorship

We are pleased to announce that we are sponsoring the Chance Dog Agility Team from Daventry.

Chance Agility Training is owned and run by Deena Freeman, she feeds her dogs raw dog food and is currently raising her new puppy on our Albion Working Dog Puppy Complete.

We will be following the teams progress throughout the year and giving you regular updates, news, features and videos of the dogs and puppy both here on our website and Facebook.

You can find out more about Chance Agility Training at their website

Below are the profiles of Deena’s dogs.

The eldest of my dogs. Ryan competed in agility and got to grade 6 before retiring. Now enjoys eating, walking, sleeping, eating and sleeping in that order.

Rescued Jake at 12 weeks old. Jake has just retired to Veterans in agility. He competed at Grade 7 (Championship) and qualified for numerous finals in his agility career.

Rescued Mac at 2 years old. Mac is Nick’s dog who competed for a short while at grade 1. Unfortunately had to retire due to injury.  2014 saw Mac having major surgery to remove a tumour from his spleen.

My little Welsh girl. Not been the easiest of dogs to train, lost a lot of confidence in her first year of competing. Now competes at Grade 7 (championship) and has qualified for many finals.

My little rescue pup from Ireland who came across with his mum and siblings. An absolute character of a dog and very very fast. Currently competes at Grade 7 (championship) and has qualified for many finals.

Rescued at 6 months from Many Tears Rescue. Quite a challenging start to his agility career working on his focus. Started competing in 2014 and has had 4 agility wins and now competes at Grade 4.