An Introduction to Tracy Brind and Canine Senses

An Introduction to Tracy Brind and Canine Senses

Hi, I’m Tracy Brind, Practitioner of Botanical Self Healing and Canine Coach. I’m delighted to have been invited to be ‘an associate member’ of the Albion Family and bring to you information, knowledge and tips from my 37-year career of working with dogs professionally. Together we will explore subjects which will help you to understand more about your furry family members.

From the time I was a little girl I could always be found hanging out with animals. To me animals made sense, they got me and I got them. I had a cat and dog at home growing up and my journey through life has seen me ‘owned’ by several different kinds of animals from horses to a Coati Mundi!

As I had grown up with animals it seemed only natural that I would dedicate my career to them. At the tender age of 17, I joined a local Veterinary Practice as a trainee nurse and spent the next 23 years happily working with some amazing people and animals.

During this time, I was eager to become the best nurse and client educator I could be. I often saw anxious dogs in my job, which was quite understandable, and I wanted to be able to speak their language and understand their struggles. To help achieve this I furthered my career by qualifying as an Advanced Pet Health Counsellor (PHC) – similar to a human nurse specialist practitioner. I specialised and became the first PHC to be awarded a PHC Diploma in Canine Cardiac Care, but the proudest moment of my career was when I was awarded the title ‘Practice Nurse of the Year’ – a national award recognising nurses for outstanding contribution to client care.

Canine Coaching

Circumstances changed and after a fabulous and rewarding career in Veterinary Practice I jumped ship and took my nursing knowledge into client education and became a tutor of canine first aid and a canine coach.

In my coaching work I always use force free, reward-based training but every so often a dog would throw me a curve ball and try as I might, my canine educators were showing me that one size does not fit all when it comes to training and behaviour. I needed to think bigger picture, I felt there was a piece of the jigsaw missing.

Botanical Healing

I have always followed a holistic approach to our family’s health, both two and four footed and having seen the truly remarkable things alternative medicine can do, I headed off to further my knowledge about all things botanical.

Plant medicine is excellent not only for treating physical issues but emotional issues too, this was it! I had found my missing piece. I needed to address the emotional issues which were driving the behaviour rather than just modify and retrain the behaviour being shown. I am now a Practitioner of Botanical Self Healing in Dogs and run my own company Canine Senses –

Combining canine coaching and plant medicine has led me to work with some fabulous dogs and their owners and some really interesting and challenging cases.

Along with coaching and plant medicine, diet features highly in the work I do. It plays an enormous part in the emotional and physical well-being of our dogs. I made the switch to feeding Albion to my three dogs years ago and have never looked back.


Diet is responsible for so much and scientists are still looking at how the health of gut microbiome influences health and behaviour.

I have seen some amazing behavioural changes when dogs receive a species appropriate diet from curing allergies manifesting as skin issues, to highly reactive dogs being able to cope better with the world.

My particular interests are: Botanical Self Healing in Dogs, PUPPIES! Living a chemical free life (where possible) with your dog, canine first aid, confidence building for dogs incorporating the awesome power of plant medicine and canine nutrition.

So come on over, let’s discuss the things you want to know about, send your questions to us and we will start to explore the subjects that interest you the most.

Practitioner of Botanical Self Healing in Dogs and Canine Coach.