A Pawesome Time For Lazarus At Crufts 2018

A Pawesome Time For Lazarus At Crufts 2018

Hi everypawdy Lazarus here ,

Sorry I’m a bit late with my update this month I’ve been having a bit of me time (on the settee but don’t tell mom). 

A couple of weeks ago guess where I went! Crufts! It was so exciting! 

So me and mom went to Crufts with Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Gold Display Team. It was amazing! 

I tried out for three years before I got through to the team as I was quite scared at first, mom wasn’t worried that I didn’t get through at first just being able to try out was a massive thing for me and each time she made the decision with team leader that I wasn’t quite ready but then we got through, mom said if at any point I wasn’t happy and couldn’t cope with the crowds we would go home straight away but I really wanted to give it a go we had worked so hard to help me build my confidence. 

It was pawesome! From the minute I got there I knew this was the place to be, there were so many beautiful dogs there I didn’t know where to look first m, then I saw all my friends from the team and I just couldn’t control myself I got so excited I was twisting and twirling and dancing my way to the benches it was soooo exciting. 

Mom dressed my bench up so everyone knew I was there, I think she went a little over the top to be honest but she was just as excited as me, best thing is we won ‘best dressed bench’ too tw

We did our demos in the Kennel Club ring which was so much fun (you can watch me on you tube – I feel famous 😆), we also did two demos in the big arena! Wow doesn’t cover it m, oh my what an experience all those people watching little old me and my friends strut out paws, mom said she was so proud of me and I had the best time ever it was truly amazing. 

I did everything perfectly (except when I had to run across the arena to mom I saw my bestest friend and may have had a slight detour to say hi before going to find mom, I couldn’t help my self the excitement just overcame me). 

It was great all the big lights and all those dogs and people and wow the amount of random fuss you get from people you have never met before, it’s an experience I will never forget. 

One of my favourite bits was going to see my best friends at Albion Meat Products, me and mom popped along to say hi and I took really good care of mom, I knew she was really tired and it had been a long day so I told her she needed to sit down on the stand and rest a little while m, whilst we were there we spoke to some lovely people about the work I do to keep mom safe. 

I looked so smart in my Sherlock Hounds jacket and even had a lovely settle mat to lie on. It was fab so many people were interested in how I help mom and one lady was so excited that her dog might be able to train to help his mom too. 

But the very very best moment was when mom said we had to go in the Kennel Club ring just one more time, I was standing there and then this lady said my name on a big microphone the next thing I knew mom was crying and hugging me I didn’t quite understand at first what had upset mom but then she kept giving me kissed and telling me how amazing I was and I realised she was crying as she was happy…

I had been nominated for the kennel Club annual awards for ‘most inspirational dog’ and guess what I won! 

Mom was so proud of me she very nearly forgot to go and get my award she just couldn’t stop telling me how much she loved me and how proud of she was, apparently she had nominated me as I have come so far with my confidence and I have helped her so much to gain hers it was amazing and I was the happiest dog there, me and mom have always been together from the moment I was born and look how far we have come together from a nervous dog scared of his own shadow to going to Crufts in the big arena and showing everyone how happy a well trained dog is to winning an award from the Kennel Club! 

I have had the best month ever! 

See you soon everypawdy Lazarus 🐾